Part two *Nerdy Harry, still not named properly*

“Y/n, wake up, we’ve got school in an hour”, I hear a voice whispering while something tickles my face. I open my eyes and it takes me a moment to recollect where I am, Harry’s house. The memories from last night creep back and so does a smile onto my face. I realize that was Harry’s brown curls that I felt tickling me before, I turn and see him smiling a little uneasy smile; he’s adorable. “Morning Harry”, I grin at him, rolling over onto my side and giving him a kiss, it quickly turns passionate; He’s quite eager. I realize this is so when I feel his morning hard on against my thigh and giggle through the kiss. “Are you a bit happy Harry?”, I giggle again, indicating to his lower region, he blushes immediately “Don’t be embarrassed baby, let me sort it out for you”. I smile cheekily at him before going under the covers and crawling down Harry’s body till I find his cock, we both hadn’t bothered putting our clothes back on after last night. “Have you ever had a blow job before Harry?”, I ask looking up at him, “N-n-no”, “Well I feel privileged to be your first”. I grin up at him before licking around the head, a whimper leaves his lips straight away, “I’m just getting started baby”. I start to put the shaft in and out of my mouth, hollowing my cheeks so I can fit more of him in. Harry’s a flustered mess by now. I begin to massage his balls with my right hand, getting rewarded by more moans from Harry, “Do you like that baby?”, “Y-y-yes”. I start to deep throat him; making me gag a little, “Y/n you can st-stop”, Harry manages to say; he’s worried about the gagging. “It’s not hurting me Harry, don’t worry baby”, I quickly tell him as I keep going and my the sound of Harry’s moans I can tell he’s close, “cum in my mouth Harry, Let me taste you”, I murmur, “Are you sure?”, I nod my head encouragingly and before I know it Harry’s cumming, letting out moans and whimpers along the way. I look into Harry’s eyes as I swallow, he looks over whelmed. “Did you like that?”, “That was incredible”, he whispers as he places his lips onto mine again, I can feel his heated cheeks against my skin. “Harry!? 25 minutes until school darling, come on”, I hear a female voice yell from outside the door. “Will she care that I’m here?”, I say worried, “she’ll be over the moon that I’ve finally got some”, Harry says making me giggle. He get’s out of the bed, sliding his boxes on and blushing yet again at me eyeing up his body; “Don’t be embarrassed Harry! I look at you because your hot, not because there’s anything wrong with you”, I assure him and he smiles shyly as he passes me my bra and knickers from the ground. I put them on and chuckle to myself as I see Harry watching me closely, I can’t complain though because I did the exact same thing to him. “Do you want to have a shower Y/n?”, he asks thoughtfully, I love how he’s so naturally caring, “25 minutes is going to just cover the amount of time it takes me to do my hair”, I giggle to him, “it looks perfect already”,he says quietly,”I don’t think sex hair would be very good for school baby, but thank you anyway”, I smile at him and he smiles his amazing smile back. I realize that I’ve got no clothes apart from the clothes I wore yesterday so I stroll over to Harry’s closet, “can I wear this?”, I smile holding up a ramones shirt to him, “sure, if you want to”, he says and I can tell that he’s secretly happy that I like him enough to want to wear his clothes. The shirt is a bit baggy on me, but I don’t care, it makes it obvious that it’s a boys; Harry’s. It’s like a symbol that I’m his; well in my mind I’m his. I pull on my jeans from yesterday and slip on my converse, Harry passes me one of his jumpers; “don’t want you getting a cold”, he says cutely and I kiss him as my way of saying thanks. After I have managed to semi tame my hair with a comb of Harry’s, and he has convinced me to stop worrying that I don’t have makeup, we walk out of his room and down the corridor, He takes my hand gently before we enter the kitchen where his mum is sat and I smile at his kind gesture. His mum looks genuinely shocked when they see me with him and I hold in a giggle. “Mum, this is Y/n, m-m-my—-“, he stops as he’s unsure what to say, “girlfriend”, I finish of for him and I see Harry smiling out of the corner of my eye. “I stayed last night miss, I hope you don’t mind”, “Of course not darling, call me Anne, I thought I heard voices” she smiles making me and Harry both blush, “I’ll have to meet you properly one day love but you two better get off to school” she bustles us out the door. “Wait Harry, should I clean the sheets of your bed?!”, I giggle as Harry’s face goes beet red, “No mum, I will sort it”, he says giving her a “shut up NOW” face before escaping us to his car. “I’m glad that’s over”, he chuckles, “Now to face the entire student body”, “You don’t have to tell anyone about last night, I understand that I’m embar—”, “Harry, your my boyfriend, I’m not ashamed of you, in fact I feel pretty special that I was your first”, I smile at him as he starts to drive to school, “I didn’t know I was your boyfriend?”, “You are”, I say as I crash my lips onto his. “your distracting me from driving love”, “I love it when you call me love”, “love”,he grins at me and I give him another kiss; “your irresistible Styles”..

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  • 17 November 2012
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